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Tranquility Woods
Based on 85 reviews
Tim Astor
Tim A.
12:29 27 Sep 19
Tranquility Woods was by far the best recovery/spiritually based facilities I have ever attended. I previously attended 7 different facilities before this one and this one by far met all my clinical and spiritual needs compared to just some of my needs at the other facilities. The clinical staff was the best I have ever had offering 3 to 5 counseling sessions a week. Luke and Traci were probably the best one two punch for clinical specialist in the country. The house is superior to any place I have been to offering a beautiful setting, with ping pong, pool table, exercise facility, pool, hot tube, outdoor activities, basketball all on site. There are also plenty of TV's through out the house to accompany all clients. The whole staff made an incredible impression on me and I would definitely recommend this facility for anyone looking for top notch care and a beautiful serene setting. Look out for the PA's as they are some of the best care team in the country lead by Marty, Ellen and Allison. I was in an incredibly bad spot and I know that this is the place that will make a difference in my recovery and allow me to grow constantly. I am very lucky to have this team to back me up for the rest of my life going forward and I am proud to call my self an alumni of Tranquility Woods.
Clayton Williams
Clayton W.
14:07 12 Sep 19
I greatly enjoyed my time, it is like a family here. It felt like a home here. Everyone was great. I would recommend this place to anyone.
Patti K
Patti K
14:34 04 Sep 19
Tranquility Woods taught me so much on finally receiving and maintaining sobriety! The one on one therapy I had several times a week was top notch. Life changing even. Luke & Tracy are the most knowledgeable and compassionate people I have come across. They gave me so many tools and suggestions to get this sobriety thing right this time. Forever grateful to Tranquility Woods and staff for helping me be happy and free! The nice digs and great food were a plus. Lots of good stuff and people at this Treatment Center for those of us that want it. The miracle can happen here.
Jessica H
Jessica H
13:46 02 Aug 19
This was my first rehab. I had no idea what to expect. From the very first day, the staff made me feel welcomed and extremely comfortable. They went out of their way to make sure I was taken of. I am so glad I chose Tranquility Woods to begin my recovery. I will forever be grateful!
Jessica H
Jessica H
13:46 02 Aug 19
This was my first rehab. I had no idea what to expect. From the very first day, the staff made me feel welcomed and extremely comfortable. They went out of their way to make sure I was taken of. I am so glad I chose Tranquility Woods to begin my recovery. I will forever be grateful!
sarah doetsch
sarah D.
18:00 01 Aug 19
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to treatment at Tranquility Woods. My experience there was incredible from start to finish. The entire staff is not only professional but they are super personable at the same time. I have never felt as cared for and supported at a treatment center than I did during my stay there. I can honestly say that the staff makes the whole experience different from any other treatment facility. They offer an experience that breeds not only personal growth but also a tight nit recovery community, by bringing everyone together in a super inclusive way. The beautiful location and home is amazing but the progress that I made while in treatment there speaks to what an amazing program they run. I can honestly say that my time there changed my life.
Kristen Paese
Kristen P.
17:54 20 May 19
This place saved my life. The counselors and staff are the best around, and experts in the addiction recovery field. The amount of individual counseling is unparalleled, and they cover all aspects of this disease. They take a holistic approach to recovery, and every department here is amazing. They also include family in the counseling, so the whole family can recover. The amenities here are amazing as well, and you have a truly "homey" feeling the entire time. If anyone is struggling with this disease, I highly recommend it.
Michelle Proud
Michelle P.
05:19 28 Apr 19
Absolutely! The entire Staff are some of the most amazing and wonderful , passionate people that truly are dedicated to healing the sick , the broken, the forgotten ones that others gave up on. Their dedication to the family's to teaching them how to deal and overcome the challenges and pain that was affected upon them. Most importantly they restore you to return to your father's purpose. I am grateful, and blessed, Honored to have been in the presence of these Angels from God.
Stefan Monell
Stefan M.
20:59 26 Mar 19
Tranquility Woods is an excellent rehabilitation facility. The staff are all friendly and helpful, the counselors really take the time to help you work through the root cause of your issues. The food and location are both great, and I would definitely recommend that anyone who is seeking treatment give them a call.
Erika Palmieri
Erika P.
17:45 26 Mar 19
My experience at Tranquility Woods has really been amazing. The layout of this rehab is not your typical 'hospital-like setting'. It's basically a recovery mansion. The environment is very comfortable and makes you feel at home. The beds here are super comfy! The staff is very approachable and makes sure the clients needs are met. The owners of Tranquility Woods are super nice and very personable. If you're looking for a 'posh' environment that offers holistic care (acupuncture, massages, yoga, etc.), this is the spot to be.
Brian Buskard
Brian B.
18:15 19 Mar 19
The staff here really care about the patients and creating the best possible experience for them and family/friends. The facility is wonderfully maintained and the entire staff works with the client to create an individualized plan that works for them while there. This is a community of people working everyday to better the clients that come through. I would highly recommend this treatment facility to family and friends.
Scott Burton
Scott B.
18:13 12 Mar 19
From the first phone call I made to tranquility woods I treated with nothing but compassion and respect. Tim answered all my questions and got me into treatment in less then 24 hours. Meeting me outside and taking my bags and giving me a hug. From that moment I felt safe. Every single staff member went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. Unfortunately I have been to several other treatment facilities in Maryland and not one even compares to tranquility woods. It wasn't like I was a patient, I was a client to them and they took that very serious in making sure every need I had was met with urgency. They didn't just treat my addiction but every single underlying issue why I ever chose to resort to drugs in the first place. They brought my family in several times to talk about my history and future to move forward in a happy, SOBER life! The food is five star and there was not one meal I didn't enjoy! If there is a particular food you don't eat you tell them in the intake process and the chef's know to make you something that you will enjoy. I really can't say enough about how tranquility woods gave me my life back and I would recommend to anyone seeking to find a better way of life without drugs or alcohol.
Ellie C
Ellie C
14:45 04 Mar 19
this treatment center changed my life and has the best treatment plan structure for anyone who is looking for help. This was my first and only choice and will always be my recommendation for anyone looking for a great treatment center. Everyone is wonderful and they are there for you. its not all about the money like some places. This place cares about your recovery and will do everything in their power to make sure you make it. If your looking for recovery this is where to start. Thank you TW for changing and saving my life! i will always be grateful!
shannon fritz
shannon F.
15:11 23 Feb 19
I had a life changing experience at Tranquility Woods. The staff was attentive. They keep you very busy. Upon discharge the staff did a exit interview to find out how they could do better, which was a great sign that they always want to improve. It was clean and cozy. Becca was my counselor and was amazing. (I detoxed at Maryland House in Linthicum and it was top notch.)
Arianna Jordan Brown
Arianna Jordan B.
23:28 24 Sep 18
Over 3 years sober now, this center is a godsend. 😊
Dawn L.
Dawn L.
15:03 08 Sep 18
5 stars. I entered Tranquility Woods on 7/12/2018 after being confronted yet again by family that I needed to do something.My thinking was omg,how did I end...
Rusty Bakalar
Rusty B.
19:02 11 Aug 18
Great facility with great staff and Champ House Recovery.Inc highly recommends this facility for your introduction to recovery and transformation from addiction to recovery Rusty Bakalar VP/ house Manager Champ HOUSE Recovery.Inc
D S.
D S.
12:08 26 Jun 18
Tranquility Woods is an exceptional rehab facility that truly cares about their clients and wants to see them succeed. The staff are very friendly and the...
Tim Sperty
Tim S.
16:05 27 Mar 18
The program is in the top one percent in the country! They have great one on one counseling.
Isiah C.
Isiah C.
16:50 22 Mar 18
Tranquility Woods from a clinical perspective was very effective for the patients I have sent for co-occurring disorders and patients needing a smaller,...
Newton Gentry IV
Newton Gentry I.
04:14 08 Mar 18
We are happy to have you as one our Recovery Awareness Foundation’s SPONSORS! We appreciate your support! #RAF
Santos Mayora
Santos M.
18:54 05 Sep 17
Katie Wandishin
Katie W.
18:12 19 Jul 17
I have been in recovery for almost 5 years and have had the privilege to work in the inpatient setting and Tranquility Woods is by far the best inpatient facility I have seen. In my interview I said that my dream job would be to work at a place that did not feel like work to me and here that dream has been achieved. What sets Tranquility Woods apart from all other facilities is the individualized care that our clients receive. Clients are treated based on individual needs and look at the root cause of addiction. Although success rates are impossible to state in recovery, Tranquility Woods offers the greatest chance for success in sobriety.
Isiah Coles
Isiah C.
01:07 19 Jul 17
Kelly Ronayne
Kelly R.
21:26 10 Jul 17
Pete Carlson
Pete C.
17:43 10 Jul 17
Carlos Gautier
Carlos G.
23:12 08 Jul 17
Veronica Rae Granados
Veronica Rae G.
22:55 08 Jul 17
Kent Philbin
Kent P.
17:53 22 Jun 17
The treatment offered here at Tranquility Woods is unmatched. Please come in for a tour and see for yourself!
Kaye Philbin
Kaye P.
19:38 19 Jun 17
Rodney Stokes
Rodney S.
18:30 16 Jun 17
Being in Tranquility Woods was a great experience, I felt more like a family member than a client.
Traci S.
Traci S.
10:07 09 May 17
I didn't have any hope of healing prior to coming to Tranquility Woods.I was in tears as I arrived, scared and hopeless. Even during the first few hours, I...
Melanie Taylor
Melanie T.
18:33 11 Jan 17
Hiam Abdallah
Hiam A.
03:06 15 Dec 16
Wendy Sturgis Love
Wendy Sturgis L.
19:42 04 Aug 16
Leaving Tranquility Woods was bittersweet. I wanted to go home to my family, but sadly I wanted to stay there! The experience was so wonderful, from stepping through the big doors, meeting the staff and my counselor, to eating healthy, yoga, massages and going to sleep at night! Priceless. It's no wonder I wanted to stay! I was receiving the best care and therapy within a house that specifically wanted you sober and let you figure out, with the counselors guidance, how you best could this. I'm blessed for my counselor. Years from now I will still give him kudos...I just really could not have done this without him.If your looking for a place for treatment for addiction, look no further. It does work, if you work it.
Susan Altenhein
Susan A.
06:16 17 Jun 16
When I got to Tranquility Woods I was at death's door. When I left, 28 days later, I was vibrantly alive and grateful. They not only saved my life but allowed me to find new life and true serenity. The staff is amazing; I loved my counselor and hated leaving!
Joe Jernigan
Joe J.
17:14 24 Dec 15
Thanks for everything I'm blessed to have the experience great place n better people
Vincent Sharps
Vincent S.
19:13 10 Sep 15


5.0 rating

If you need treatment, I would definitely recommend coming to Tranquility Woods. It is a GOOD place! It was fun and I learned so much . It was like school for adults on how to be a good person. 🙂 This was my first treatment, but based on the conversations I had with other clients who had been to other facilities, it was the best possible choice. Tranquility Woods had the perfect balance between structure and relaxation. Despite all the hard work in counseling and in groups, it really had a relaxed vibe. Allowing us to listen to music, movie night, the hot tub and corn hole. All of these things really allowed for a healing few months. I will definitely be coming back for visits and enjoying the alumni opportunities.



5.0 rating

This is my 4th treatment in the last several years. I left the prior three facilities early with out completing the program. This is the best rehab I’ve been to.They genuinely care and work so hard so the we get as much out of the program as we can. I actually wanted to stay and finish rehab! That is a big deal! I’m leaving with new hope and confidence.



5.0 rating

Coming to Tranquility Woods was the best decision of my life. I immediately felt like a weight had been lifted and I had finally made it to a safe place. I was right where I was supposed to be. The staff was inviting and made me feel comfortable even when I was at my lowest point in my life. The customized programs and treatment I received exceeded every expectation I had. I am a new and improved person that has finally found happiness and I owe it to the TW family. I can never thank them enough for helping me become the person I was always supposed to be. I would recommend this treatment facility to anyone struggling with addiction without hesitation. Take the chance…you are worth it!



5.0 rating

I experienced a total transformation at Tranquility Woods. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m so proud of myself and owe it all to this place. Particularly Aaron my addictions counselor, and Gina, the mental health therapist. On a scale of 1-5…they both are a 10! I wouldn’t change a thing!!



5.0 rating

One of the things that sets Tranquility Woods apart from most other programs is that they provide true Dual Diagnosis Treatment which is what I needed most. I am so glad I was paired with my clinician for the 4 counseling sessions per week. He was extremely compassionate and I need that.I loved the one hour a week I sat with the mental health specialist .She’s an amazing woman. I’ve never vibed with a therapist until I met her. I would highly recommend Tranquility Woods.

Former Client

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