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Maryland Stimulant Addiction Recovery

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Stimulant drugs are often highly addictive, and they have a profound effect on the brain that can make the road to recovery a rough one. When you take stimulant drugs, the brain triggers a release of dopamine, which can create euphoric feelings as you feel happy, clear, and focused. With continued use, however, the brain’s dopamine receptors will become worn down and you will require higher and higher doses of stimulants to maintain positive sensations. Simulant withdrawal creates a sense of helplessness with feelings of sluggishness, fogginess, and an overall incapability to function. This can make recovery seem incredibly difficult, if not impossible, though there are ways that you can regain a sense of normalcy and break the cycle of stimulant addiction. Tranquility Roads Luxury Treatment Center may serve as your ultimate resource in addiction recovery, offering customized recovery plans for every individual we treat.

Types of Stimulant Addictions

There are several different types of stimulants that may lead to substance abuse. Below, you can get a brief look at the effects of these drugs and the steps needed to break their grasp.

  • Prescription stimulants – Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in the United States, and it is not limited to prescription drug killers. Drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Concerta are all common prescription stimulants that may lead to paranoia, hostility, or even psychosis with repeated use.
  • Cocaine – Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet, which creates powerful sensations of short-term euphoria and energy. With continued use, it may put individuals at high risk for heart attacks, since it causes blood pressure to spike as the heart races.
  • Methamphetamine – Meth abuse has been on the rise over the past several decades despite the horrendous long-term effects it may have on an individual’s health, which are largely attributed to the hazardous chemicals used in meth production.

Addiction Recovery

Every evaluation/assessment and treatment plan is individually tailored to each client. Because of the significant feelings of depression, anger, and lethargy that can come with stimulant withdrawal, it is important to maintain a one-on-one therapeutic approach to address all psychological factors related to stimulant drug abuse. In combination with holistic healing techniques, psychotherapy may be incredibly effective in managing withdrawal symptoms and promoting a complete recovery.

At Tranquility Woods in Maryland, we utilize a number of holistic and medical therapies to curb addiction and heal the whole person for a lifetime of clean living. Implementing strategies such as massage, yoga, spiritual therapy, medication, and meditation, we have created a number of success stories for patients throughout the East Coast. To learn more about our addiction recovery programs, call us. For New Admissions, please call 410-421-7018. All Other Inquiries dial 410-360-6600.

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