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Relapse Prevention Planning In Maryland

Relapse prevention at our Maryland facility is one of our strongest priorities. After all, what good is sobriety if it is unsustainable. The moment you walk into Tranquility Woods, your recovery begins, as does your aftercare and relapse prevention. We will address all the issues that may be feeding your addiction. We treat your body, your mind, and your spirit.

You will be prepared for success and we will help you find the appropriate outpatient, relapse prevention programs close to your home. We rebuild from the ground up, to provide you with the right tools to live the rest of your life with sustainable sobriety. Relapse prevention is a number one priority at Tranquility Woods. Get in touch with our rehab center today to start on the road to sustainable recovery.

Understanding the stages of relapse

During relapse prevention planning, you will learn to identify the stages of relapse so that you will be better prepared and able to prevent the relapse process. Relapse does not only include the moment when sobriety is broken with substance use, but it is a process that can start weeks or even months before an addict physically uses again.

The beginning stage of relapse

A relapse can occur immediately post-rehab or months or years afterward, but how does the relapse process begin? It starts even before you actively consider using again. It starts when there’s emotional relapse. This means emotions such as anxiety, defensiveness, and anger are overtaking you and behaviors such isolation and not asking for help or not going to meetings are setting you up for possible substance use again.

At Tranquility Woods, we already introduce you to activities and practices that you can use to prevent emotional triggers from sending you toward relapse, including meditation, yoga, nutrition, exercise, cognitive behavioral strategies, and other activities that are relaxing and replenishing. Self-care is an important aspect of relapse prevention planning.

Wanting to use again

When an addict starts thinking about and wanting to use again, this is another step closer to relapse and another stage that an addict must have a plan for. If an addict starts romanticizing past use, fantasizing about using, hanging out with old friends who they used with, and lying it becomes much harder to make the right choices and stay sober.

Your relapse prevention plan will also help you prepare for these moments and situations. There is always a way out, a way to turn around and get back to the new path you’ve chosen.

An individualized relapse prevention plan

The number one priority of Tranquility Woods is to make sure you can sustain a sober and balanced lifestyle once you leave the safe and secure environment we offer during rehabilitation. And in that sense, recovery only begins here. Thus, it’s our duty to help you create a relapse prevention plan that you can take with you when you leave and that will work for you.

We identify local support groups, organizations, people, and practices that will keep you from relapsing. We help you become aware of what warning signs might be in your particular case, so that you’re prepared for those situations.

If you’re ready to start your recovery process at Tranquility Woods, get in touch with our team today call 410-421-7018 to discuss your place here at our luxury rehab center in Maryland.

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