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Spiritual Counseling In Maryland

Spiritual counseling is one of the many holistic techniques we use to help our clients find and eliminate the trapped feelings and inner toxins that continue to prevent successful recovery. Read on to discover why spiritual counseling is so crucial for addiction recovery and rehabilitation.

If you have any further questions about our spiritual counselors or how you or a loved one will benefit from our comprehensive approach to addiction recovery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. Call us in Maryland at 410-421-7018 to speak with our helpful representatives.

Why spiritual counseling?

Quoting Mastin Kipp (former addict turned author, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker), “the universe has shaken you to awaken you.” Spiritual counseling offers guidance, time for internal reflection, and making a connection with something greater than yourself (whatever name you prefer giving to it).

Shared with SAMHSA‘s Faith-Based And Community Initiatives (FBCI), it has long been acknowledged that faith and spirituality play a beneficial role in the prevention of drug and alcohol use disorders, as well as in the recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. Thus, it’s crucial to incorporate spiritual counseling into any rehabilitation program. And so, we integrate spiritual counseling into our program here at Tranquility Woods, so we can help people find meaning and develop purpose in one’s life.

What if I don’t believe in x, y or z?

Our spiritual process in addiction recovery is non-denominational. That means members of our team would never push or force their own personal beliefs on you during your spiritual discovery. The focus centers on the powerful changes and nourishment individuals can realize when focusing within and outside of themselves. Whatever you find (or don’t) is completely accepted during our spiritual counseling process.

Complementing your 12 Step Program

The 12 step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Chemically Dependent Anonymous (CDN) have helped millions of addicts stay sober since their respective inceptions in 1938, 1952, and 1980.

Because of their success, these are an important part of the treatment process at Tranquility Woods. All of these programs include spiritual (non-religious) principles. And so, spiritual counseling will greatly help in working the 12 step program.

The role of your spiritual counselor

To fully benefit from the spiritual process during drug and alcohol addiction treatment, individuals will work with a spiritual counselor who has many years’ experience in guiding addicts through their internal struggles and starting the process toward inner peace.

By asking the right questions and offering alternative views to consider, you’ll be able to explore what spirituality means to you and how it can assist in your recovery process. Connecting with something higher or greater than yourself and developing faith in this connection will be an anchor to keep you steady and balanced in the many years to come.

Experiencing spirituality

The aim of spiritual counseling isn’t to “convert you” or impose a particular belief system on you. The objective is to help you develop your own belief system and experience the benefits of spirituality, which include:

  • Heightened awareness
  • Clarity
  • Authenticity
  • Feelings of understanding and empathy
  • Increased sense of purpose and meaning

How those inner experiences develop is a personal journey that’s guided during counseling.

Successful recovery

Addiction treatment programs that have a spiritually focus have resulted in up to a 10 percent greater abstinence rate than other forms of treatment. Are you ready to make the change to a more purposeful and enjoyable life? Get in touch with our team by calling 410-421-7018 today.

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